Sunday, August 17, 2008

Energetics and Morgellons Super Therapies

Healing is an energetic process as well as a physical process. I know from my own personal healing experiences, as well as from witnessing those of my patients, that healing can be complete, spontaneous, or at least expedited when the spirit and soul are guiding the process of body healing.

This weekend I dedicated entirely to kicking out any last remains of this Morgellons disease. I utilized all means that I know, inluding:

  • Lyme disease protocol
  • Clustered silver therapy
  • Energetic use of flower essences and essential oils
  • Pharmacological use of essential oils and herbs

Lyme Disease Protocol I originally learned this from Barton Publishing. Consult your doctor before going ahead with this treatment because high levels of salt can be bad for some small segments of the population, including those with salt sensitive high blood pressure, or with kidney disease.

This protocol consists of taking 1000mg of salt (I absolutely recommend tablets and not loose salt) and 1000mg vitamin C with 8 oz. water every hour for 12 hours a day, and for 3 days in a row. It is supposed to kill Lyme and I bet it kills a lot of other things too. The first time I did this was a couple of years ago. I thought I would have a healing crisis as many are described to do, and so I planned the weekend to be alone at home. I did get a lot of gas, but that was it. I felt some mild, but significant sensations, but no great releief from my itching. About two weeks later, I did feel significantly better with itching and also less fatigued.

During the treatment, I felt this mild, not unpleasant "peeling" sensation inside my fascia or nerves. I imagined that the osmotic pressure of fluid changes were opening up all the tight and fibrotic areas of my body where nerves meet sheaths, and sheaths meet fascia, etc. So I decided to do the Lyme treatment again this time and combine it with the silver therapy in order to open up my tissue spaces to receive more silver throught my cells.

Clustered Silver Therapy Hearing of a woman's total cure from Morgellons over the internet, I purchased "Oxysilver" brand clustered silver. Apparantly it is a superior silver product because the particles are finer than most of the other products. I took one tablespoon on Saturday and on Sunday morning. I understand if there is a healing crisis (purging of matter from the skin), this occurs in the afternoon of the day it is taken. Indeed, about 5 hours later, I got some pretty intense itching on my thigh. I rubbed the seabuckthorn oil and cocunut oil into my thigh and out came about 5 fibers. Today is Sunday night, and that is the last time I have seen any fibers, and I am feeling pretty durn good. I have not had any of the lesions (mine are like teeny cuts on my wrists and hands) either.

Energetic Use of Flower Essence and Essenitial Oils I cannot overstate the importance of the energy healing. This is not just "woo woo," "feel good" stuff. This is where you clean up and heal your energy matrix. You can think of your energy as a garden lattice that has a certain size and shape just like lattices do. If your lattice is shaped for a harmonious body function, so it will be. If your lattice is weak and missing rungs, or already strung up with a bunch of crap on it, how can the body take shape upon it with ease?

I first starting using the flower essences for Morgellons when my friend who is well versed in the Perelandra Microbial Balancing Program gave me three basic formulations to take morning and night. Apparantly the Perelandra microbial balancing regimen is very very time consuming, and I did not go through that whole system. She gave me basic purifying formulations that can be obtained through Perelandra called "Integumentary"(meaning skin), "Lymphatic," and "Immune System." Upon first taking them morning and night, I could feel a tightening up of my spirit energy, as if getting more toned in a good way.

In the meanwhile, I had obtained the oregano oil from Young Living. In order to become a distributor and get wholesale pricing, I bought the intro package including an array of oils to sample. I'm glad that I did. I'll tell you why in a minute.

So this weekend, I decided to get my heart, spirit and soul as lightened as possible. I pulled out my old flower essences, having had an interest in them in the past. I sat down with my array of essences and oils. I put three drops of each essence on my tounge, one at a time, and waited patiently to see what I felt. Distinctly, I could feel certain subtle and not so subtle reactions with each essence. There were a number where I felt absolutely no reaction, as well. (Those I put aside.) Having forgotten their uses, I read the summary of each one after I felt the reactions. I was encouraged how acurate my feelings were to the expected use. For instance, I had "Crab Apple" which is used for feelings of impurity. That was exactly how I felt upon taking it, vile.

What I found was that the flower essences had a homeopathic reaction in me, meaning, when I took it, I felt the negative manifestation of the emotion. For instance, "Cherry Plum" is about fear of losing control, and when I took it, I felt subtle emotions of desperation and fear. The ones that I do not have an imbalance around (for instance "Vine" which I had bought for a cat with aggressive tendencies and "Mimulus" which I had bought for a cat with shy tendencies) I felt nothing upon taking them.

Now upon smelling the opened bottles of the essential oils on the other hand, I felt the positive manifestation of an emotion or feeling. "Peppermint" made me feel really pure and light in my gut. "Frankinsence" opened up the energy in my head and face, and helped me sense my crown chakra better. Some of them, I felt nothing in particular besides noticing the scent, so I put those aside.

So what I ended up doing over the weekend was that several times a day I sat down and went through my bottles. I must emphasize that I put myself in a place of gratitude to the plant spirits which were helping me to come into better harmony with the universal energy from which they came, and to which I hoped to improve my own relationship. I would use three drops of one essence, and then feel the emotion. Then I would reach for an oil essence that seemed to be the positive opposite of that "negative" emotion. So for instance, "Lymphatic" made me feel imbalanced from right to left, in a kind of sharp way. But "Thieves" oil made a real centerline awareness in me that made me think it helps with kundalini spinal energy. "Sage" made me feel like "woe is me," whereas "Valor" oil blend made me feel vigorously alive.

I continued to do this, holding simultaneously the positive and the negative emotion until the negative emotion dissapeared. Each set took only a minute or two. Eventually, I found that less and less of the essences triggered an emotional response. Then I put them aside.

The technique of holding the positive and negative emotion simultaneously is one you can use forever. Even if it seems unattainable now, please try to practice it. Like any new concept (a dance step, a language, or skill), it can feel impossible until you simply just get the hang of it through continued practice. The easiest ones to use are "love" and "compassion" whenever you feel any of the dense emotions of your own or someone elses. This is how you transform the denser energy. It is like shining a light in the dark, or like putting a solvent into the clog. It is alchemy.

Pharmacological Use of Essential Oils and Herbs I will write more on this topic in a later entry. It includes the hand and foot baths, use of oregano oil, and other oral tinctures and supplements.

NOTE In regard to the hand and foot baths with Braggs vinegar, please do not be alarmed by the fibers of the "mother" fermented product in the bath. These are not Morgellons fibers. Know what your own "matter" looks like, and do not be alarmed that the herb stained "mother" is your own extrusions.

Be well, my friends. I add my intention that the harmonious, self regulating spirit of universal life force enter, effortlessly and substantively into your life and body for healing, to all who ask for it.


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