Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Full Moon Correlation and "Phosfood"

So I am still winding out of this flare-up of symptoms, and have been symptom free several days per week, and minimally symptomatic for the other days, for several weeks--with the caveat that I experienced an increase of symptoms in the four days preceeding the full moon. I have not had any more black strands come out (having had a total of two episodes where perhaps 10-30 came out, and three episodes where only a few came out).
My friend who is a master herbalist is currently making me a batch of his anti-parasite formula which he says will get rid of everything, even schistosomiasis, the rare incurable liver parasite. In the discussion I had with him, he said that one must take the formula for 45 days, spanning two full moon cycles because parasites tend to replicate greater on the full moon. This got me thinking. In my early days of dealing with Morgellons/mites, I noticed that my cats would have a "bloom" about 1X per month where it felt that if I pet them, I would be suddenly covered in mites--feeling to me that an electron cloud was slowly swarming and making its way up my arms. I have dealt with these blooms in my cats by rubbing castor oil (a light film) in my hands and petting them down with it to suffocate the mites, and then washing my own hands and arms with Face Doctor anti-mite soap afterwards.
My own condition is very much related to cat mites, and I believe that the mites are a separate issue but that have become the carrier of the Morgellons parasite. Keeping both (or many) parasites at bay in both myself and in my cats is the goal. For my cats, I use 1/3 dropper of clustered colloidal silver per day around the full moons (a few days prior and post). I take a tablespoon full myself at the same timing. In between, I make sure we all get probiotics to build up what the silver has killed off in the gut (in the form of fermented foods like kefir, and also the supplement saccharomyces boulardii which is known to perfuse even to the skin in a healthful way). I also use the Peralandra flower essences that help microbial balancing for my cats and for myself (the Lymphatic and the Immune formulas). I have added the Integuementary formula (meaning "skin") for myself as well.
Regarding the full moon cycle, in a sense I feel lucky that I am hypersensitized to the feeling of mite microbes, because I can feel when my carpet is having a bloom also. Usually, I vacuum 1X a week with my super powerful Meile Plus vacuum, and that is sufficient. But during the full moon period, I get blooms of mite in the carpet, and vacuum as needed (usually meaning the usual 1X per week plus another once or twice in that period).
I have determined that I will stay on the Oxysilver during the full moons for a very long time, regardless of my symptoms, to combat any resurgances of parasite.
I also want to talk about Phosfood supplement from Standard Process. I started using it for something else, as it is used to carry calcium out of deposits in the soft tissues to get it into the blood stream. It does so by acidifying the blood. Standard Process seminars usually speak of how people are too alkaline, and that a mild acidity in the gut in necessary for health. I need to learn more about how gut acidity translates to blood pH, but nevertheless, the Phosfood will therefore help with symptoms of calcium-caused bursitis, joint aches and muscle aches among other things. Anyway, I noticed that when I took this liquid tincture, that a certain type of my itching would dissapear within about 10 minutes. This type of itching feels to me (and I know that it is not literally the case) like hundreds of tiny fleas jumping off of me. It feels almost like a clicking, or that my hair follicles are getting flicked and snapped. There is a similar sensation that feels to me like hydrogen peroxide bubbles are popping just under my skin. The Phosfood eliminates these symptoms. You don't want to take too much of it, because if your blood is too acid, it will cause the calcium to come out of your bone (as well as out of the intended soft tissues). I take it as needed, which is well below the "maintainence" dose of 30 drops per day. I probably take 10 drops at a time, once or twice per day, maybe 40% of the days of the month.
Also, just a note about my conjectures on the whole blood calcium issue, as I myself had vitamin D toxicity in my early years of this struggle, where I would get sun poisoning from sun exposure. There is a whole chemical/nutritional cascade about vitamin D, its assimilation through the gut via vitamin K2, then the calcium getting to the soft tissues throught vitamin F (not FDA recognized), and to the bone via K2 and D, and back out to the blood via acidity (in the forms of phosphorus and chlorides). Keeping this balance is useful for my symptoms. K2 can be obtained through chlorophyll, and through the combo of cod liver oil and ghee consumption. All these things are fat soluble. I know that I have had a gallbladder problem for quite some time, and the gallbladder is responsible for digesting fats. Bile is known to bind to toxins and even to parasites, and to carry them out in the feces. I wonder how much this cascade has contributed to my succeptibility to the parasites. I now take bile salts or lipase with meals to digest my fats, my essential fatty acids and my fat soluble vitamins. Garden of Life's "Omegazyme" is a spectrum enzyme supplement that happens to have a lot of lipase. I use Standard Process for my bile salts.
That's all for now. If you have ever left a comment, I am in the process of trying to figure out how to retrieve them. I can't see them from my end, and it is not intuitive how to do so.
Keep holding the light the best you can. My healing tips are merely a vessel to carry more universal spirit your way.
Love, Camile


Anonymous said...

Hi, i wondered if u are receiving this message. Mine also started in conjunction with a cat. I believe i have hair follicle mites. All my symptoms flared up in sept. and i finally know it is morgellans. I have purchased tamanu oul and recently sea buckthorne oil and coconut, but didn't really know how to use them, just bought on instinct and study. How did u do the tamanu foot bath? hair follicles mites?. Thankyou so much, in response to your sink experience i remember in the beginning when i tried rubbing alcahol it made my skin condition spread instantly, ( tiny specks like black pepper, they seemed to love it, the alcahol). I love your information thankyou , Rheanna whichmary3@msn.com

Camile said...

Hi Rheanna. I am able to receive comments, and I am reading them. Thank you everyone for your comments. The foot bath you ask about is with Bragg's cider vinegar and herbal liquid tinctures from Standard Process. I think I said how to do it in the blog, but I will review it here if not: warm not hot water, about a gallon of water in hand and also in foot bucket. Add about 2/3 cup vinegar to each. Add about I TBS of 2 to 3 herb tinctures to each bucket. (I used Gymnema, gentian, dandylion, St. John's Wort in rotations.) Soak for 20 minutes. The best thing for the follicle mites is again in the blog,...it is the Face Doctor soap used daily on your whole body. On my scalp I generally use castor oil at night for 3 nights in a row about every week and a half. In the beginning you will feel really dry from the soap, almost to where you will think you can't use it, but your natural oils adapt with no problem (or I should say, mine did).