Monday, September 22, 2008

Food Allergies

When I went into remission for a year and a half, I attributed it to several things. Firstly, two of my old cats died within one month, randomly, and of different things. I recall looking at little Kiki as she sat on the bed, I in the hallway looking in at her. There was a feeling of lightness and we gazed in each others eyes, and I said "The plight is over! Isn't it little one, it's over now!" I just felt a major shift in the air. Little Kiki had been feeling under the weather, but I didn't think it was a big deal. But she progressed, and despite a lot of vet and alternative therapies, she died within 5 weeks of kidney failure. She was a young cat and had gotten kidney failure two years prior, and had survived with Standard Process formulations. It could have been the Ivermectin or sulfer treatments I had given her for mite treatment (vet prescribed) that caused the initial kidney failure. It is horrible to feel I could have killed my girl when I was just doing what I thought best to give relief to her. My old cat, Shell-Belle, died within a month of Kiki. She began swelling up, and her year of demanding behaviour became clear, because she died of omentum cancer (a tissue in the gut). Her fatness was not fat after all, but watery swelling that that kind of cancer cell makes. She had been uncomfortable all that time, not just needy.
So my two cats, immune compromised little beings, died. Things got a lot better with my skin at that point, although I grieved their loss badly. I think that they harbored the mites, being that they were not strong. And the mites seem to be the carrier of this Morgellons in my world.
Prior to their passing, I had made a big shift for the better when I got a blood test for food allergies and eliminated those foods. I am allergic to all kinds of food, and severely so, I found out. After elimination, I stopped many types of itching, and a certain type of puffyness under the skin. I suspect I am allergic to cats too. I wonder if the current flare up I am healing from is due to my third cat, Clower, having decided to sleep on my bed now. The other two girls slept on and in my bed, and it seemed I could not keep them away. Little thin Kiki would be so cold, I could not bear to turn her down when she would meow for me to open the covers and let her in. I tried, for my own health, to lock them out of my room, and they literally cried and threw themselves against my door. I couldn't sleep with that. I (briefly) contemplated the suggestions of my doctor and my family to get rid of my cats for my own health. But in the end, I decided I could only bear to kill them if I got rid of myself too. I thought a lot about how I would get rid of us all; my future looked bleak due to what I thought was a potentially very contagious state of being. I never got close to actually acting out my plan...I just kept on keeping on. As far as my kitty-girls, and our way of life together...I figured that we were all in this together. It was a crucial point when I made that determination that I will not put myself above another, and choose my well-being over theirs. I chose "love" over "fear." I can't imagine the torment I would have if I killed them intentionally, knowing how I feel about having probably harmed Kiki unintentionally.
Back to the food allergies. Make sure you use a lab, like US BioTek, that lists IgG and IgE separately. If the lab does not report them separately, you will get false negatives. IgE is the short term antigen, and you will get your reaction pretty immediately, fading off at least by 2 days. IgG is the delayed reaction antigen, with symptoms coming on in hours or days after the food was eaten, and symptoms fading off by the second week. This makes it hard to self diagnose your own allergies, when your reaction can come so much later. If your blood lab reports the two together (as in, reports a positive only when you have both IgG and IgE reactions to a food), then you will not be informed if you have even a severe, but only short term OR only delayed type of reaction. It is the delayed reactions that have worse repurcussions for tissue loading of toxins.

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