Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This last resurgance of symptoms since my year and a half remission has symptoms coming and going. I have thought I have licked this several times only to have the symptoms come back. I must say that the symptoms are very mild though, even at their worst. I am working on eliminating pathogens out of my system in these ways:

Acupuncture for "crazy itching" points. My acupuncturist told me I have liver heat, and heat in my blood. The heat has no way out of the blood and needs a method out. For these he uses specific points on the gallbladder, liver and wei chi channel (if I recall correctly) that are all for "crazy itching." He also gave me a herbal formulation called Silerex from Evergreen for expressing heat out of the blood. What do you know, but these formerly untreatable warts on my hand have been dissapearing since I started one month ago. And my Morgellon's sensations have dropped off dramatically, especially writhing sensations in my scalp, and the specific bitey sensations on my shins.

Clustered Silver used 3 days prior through to 4 days after the full moon. Based on my Master Herbalist friend's info that many parasites replicate on the full moon, I am amped for a kill-off at this time of the month. I take a teaspoon prior to bed (as my symptoms are worse at night), and a teaspoon in the middle of the night (as I get a sort of restless-body syndrome on these nights). The silver stops the restless body nearly immediately. Remember to do flora building during the rest of the month. Bad gut flora is a health concern in and of itself (too great to go into right here). Just be sure you do not leave your gut barren and ready to host whatever opportunistic thing that comes along.

Antiparasitic Antiviral Tincture used every day. My herbalist friend said to use it 45 days through two full moon cycles, but I am going to use it for at least 4 month cycles due to how hard I know the Morgellons and co-infections are to purge.

Anti-viral Tincture...I introduce this to my nostril 1 to 2 times a day with a q-tip due to the sensations I have around and in my nose. I recall when I first felt the infection set in at my nostrils long ago. In my body, the Morgellons or co-factors like this area. The tincture that I use is an Ayurvedic formulation that helped me get control of chronic herpes about 15 years ago. It is equal parts gentian root (not ginseng), dandylion root, white oak bark and licorice root. You can make a decoction of it. My herbalist friend made a tincture variety that has some glycerin in it. I use cotton swabs, deeply in my nostrils. Upon first use, my seasonal allergy affected drippy nose dried up for good. Then these teeny red follicles around my nose went away. And the prickling and popping sensations are gone. I used to control these sensations only short term with Burts Bees Foot Cream intranasally. The tincture is much better. Regarding the allergies...I wonder about the interrelatedness of our body-response to parasites verses to allergin. It's odd to think that our body thinks an allergin is a parasite, basically.


Anonymous said...


I see you are taking clustered silver.

I have been studying Morgellons for 3 years and the one that heals nearly all symptoms is Nutrasilver. You may wish to try it:

Camile said...

I have heard of this product. The colloidal silver is in theory a better product. If you do not mind telling me...are you a Morgellon's sufferer? Do you represent a company?