Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Introduction and Intent of Blog

My name is Camile. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in manual work and nutrition to strengthen organ and glandular systems. I have been struggling with mysterious skin ailments off and on for four years. For two of those years, I was basically symptom-free. I have recently experienced a resurgance of symptoms, and this time it is definitely Morgellons disease due to the back fibers exiting my skin.
The purpose of this blog is not so much to talk about myself and my experiences, but to share what I have learned in home therapy because I am nearly symptom-free again, after this two month bout of intensive home treatment.
I have a special insight into home treatments, because I have been educated as a healthcare practitioner (what with all the physiology, microbiology, chemistry, and nutrition I took in chiropractic school). But also, I am also enthusiastic about reading and learning about natural means to initiate change towards healing. Just in my regular chiropractic practice, through natural but specific nutritional protocol, I have assisted organ systems so that a patient's body has stabilized from kidney disease, from high blood sugar levels, from high blood pressure, from uterine fibroids, ovarian cystic conditions and more. So I LOVE to understand the chemistry of what the body needs to work correctly. I have applied my knowledge to my own healing.
Just a bit more about my own condition: I experience what I got as a direct offshoot and coinfection associated with the cat mite (feline demodex mange).


Absolutely Necessary Steps:

  • Stop using Advantage and similar products on your pets. I think it may be creating a resistant strain of feline and possible canine demodex mite. Humans also have the demodex (or follicle) mite. The immune system usually keeps it in check. Something like 80-90% of people carry natural numbers of the mite with no problem.
  • Get a product called Face Doctor soap from Tao of Herbs 888-828-8288 which is intended to kill the human follicle mite (that is responsible for Rosecea in succeptible people). It kills the cate mite too. Use it for 30 seconds 2X day, even in your hair. It is a natural product made with seabucktorn oil and astragalus.
  • If you have scalp symptoms, get Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream. Do not get the peppermint kind. Use it liberally on your scalp before going to bed. I also used on by lower limbs and feet. It seems to have the action of suffocating, softening the bodies of, and killing mites and bacteria.
  • For the exudate strands, take a hand and foot bath for 20-30 minutes every day with certain ingredients. This is the only way that I knew I had strands because this bath drove out about 50-100 artifacts the first time, with only a few driven out on subsequent times. Now, after about 7 days, I am getting only a couple of strands and a couple of teeny worms each time visibly in my basin. Get a bucket for your hands and a dishpan for your feet and put about 2 1/2 gallons of warm water in one for mixing (then separate into your two baths). Do not make it too hot because you want to keep the vinegar cultures alive. Add in 2 cups Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar "with the mother" (shake bottle prior to pouring). Now, I rotate between these different additional herbals which are antiviral and pro-circulatory in nature. I use at least two herbs at once, or sometimes I put in a portion of all herbs mentioned to get varying effects. The herbs also help neutralize the cumalative effect of the acid in the vinegar, being alkaloids/basic in nature. Use Standard ProcessMedi Herb (they are the strongest and most energetically potent tinctures I have found in my experinece). You must buy through a practioner. Go to StandardProcess. com and search for a practitioner in your area. Hopefully they will sell direct without making you come for an appointment. If you have trouble, you can call my cell phone and I'll sell you some, but please do so only if you have trouble elsewhere, as I'm not really set up for a lot of calls for this 831-246-2514. The products are: tinctures of Prickly Ash, Dandelion Root, Gymnema, and St. John's Wort. I use about, gosh, probably 3 tablespoons of each. Then soak. I put on the Burt's Bees Foot Cream after, and go to bed. Do not save this water for re-use. My impression is that the concoction drives things out, but may not actually kill them. I had the weird coincidence of having a plugged-up sink exactly when I started this method. Some tiny larvae were floating in my sink basin. I thought the quickest way to kill them until I could get to the task of unplugging my sink would be to pur a bunch of rubbing alcohol in the basin. I watched as the larvae all swam to the side and crawled up the edge. It sure made me think.
  • Chelate for heavy metal toxiciy. Whether you know you have it or not, I know that personally, it has helped me with one whole classification of itching. Take a heavy metal test if you want to be sure, although I find some false negatives in my practice depending on whether it is hair, urine or blood sampled. Use Standard Process Min Tran (1 per hour, or minimum of 6/day spread out), with 4 cracked chlorella tabs (any brand) every hour or minimum of 6X/day. You must use "cracked chlorella" for chelating, not other blue green algaes. Take with water, alone OR with food. Oh, P.S., if you know you have mercury toxicity, do not take probiotics until you are cleared as they will make you worse. Probiotics convert mercury into methyl mercury which is far more toxic.
  • Get a food allergy blood test. Make absolutely sure your lab reports IGg and IGe values separately. If they combine them, you will get false negatives. One is short term allergic response and one is long term (meaning you gt your reaction up to two weeks after you consume the food). You want to know each response individually. Personally, my first bout with what I considered to be a resistant mite, I found I had many things all combining into an immune itching problem, including food allergy, and heavy metal toxicity.
  • Eliminate sugars and grains. Yes, I mean it. Although I still struggle with it, I think this is one of the best things you can do to: stabilize your hormones, and decrease your inflammation responses. Also those available sugars in your body fluids harbor candida and who knows what else. One of my categories of itching in my first round, I eventually found to be a whole body histamine response from low progesterone. I used the teeniest amount of over the counter bioidentical progesterone cream that I could to manage this type if itching, and it was a godsend. But once I stopped the sugar and grains, I found I no longer needed the cream. And like clockwork, when I go off my diet, that type of itching returns and I also look like hell when I wake up in the mornings. If you have trouble getting off sugar, or are a sugar addict, here is the cure: take 3 tabs minimum of Standard Process Lactic Acid Yeast, and 3 pills minimum Garden of Life Primal Defense probiotic (unless you have mercury toxicity). Each time you cheat, take an extra tab of LA Yeast with your sweet treat. If you are very ill, start out with only 1/2 or 1/4 pill Primal defense per day so as to avoid a healing crisis. This will not stop the sugar cravings at this small amount, but work up to it. If you get no stoppage of sugar craving with 3 each per day (rare) then take more. No harm in taking up to 12/day, athough I've never seen anyone need that much.

I must stop for the day. My next entry with be about other useful treatments you should know about, including flower essence energetics (which helps with not only health, but good strong positive health vibration), as well as anti-viral herbal therapy you can use a a basic health protocol. Sufferers, I love you. Do not let this get you down. The two years I initially struggled with this ailment were the darkest years of my life. My livelihood and social world were at the brink of disater. I thought frequently about how I woul kill my little cats and myself in a way that would cause the least disturbance to my friends and family. This round, I have learned a lot I can apply, and I am just not going to let this harm my spirit. I still do not feel cured again, and life as I know it is still at risk. But I will find a way in the tributaries of possibility that are good and true and filled with wellbeing. My wish for you is the same. Learn how to hold a negative feeling (like despair, abandonement...) along with, and at the same time as a positive emotion (such as hope, love, compassion for self). I have practiced this technique for some years, and it is a wonderful method of fully feeling your darkness in a way where you can express and honor it without your darkness lodging into your physical or energetic being. Get well soon!


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Beverly said...

This is a remarkable work! I truly honor you and your healing journey. The causative factors for Morgellons seem at this time to have become ubiquitous and pervasive throughout our environment. I have found after 25 years of of personal experience with this illness, that once it has established a colonization of your body, that the only "cure" is to remain constantly vigilant in self care, mental well-being, and maintain attention to the needs & support of one's immune system. Your suggestions are well written, concise, novel & mostly NOT the same old hash, and seem extremely HELPFUL! KEEP SHARING YOUR TRUTH!
-Beverly Drottar, MD