Friday, August 15, 2008

Topical Help

I've got a lot to share for self help. Today I'm going to talk about the topicals. There are two purposes behind your topical treatments: it can be an agent that kills or supresses pathogens; and it can be an agent that acts as a carrier, bringing curatives deep into the tissues. Some of your topicals do both.

SEABUCKTHORN OIL Anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial. In me, topical use of this stuff pulled the fibers right out by the scores. I only had that occur upon first use because it was so effective. Since then only one or two fibers come out, if any. I mix it with coconut oil, as a carrier. It stains yellow colored, so use under sweats or old clothes at night works best. (See first blog entry for dealer.)

COCONUT OIL/FAT Mildly anti-parasitic, bacterial, viral, etc. Also absorbs deeply, carrying other topicals with it.

COLD PRESSED SESAME SEED OIL Ayurvedically recognized as a carrier, and used in that tradition to go as deep as the marrow! Also is mildly anti-parasitic, etc.

SESAME SEED OIL Mild anti-parasitic, etc.

OLIVE OIL Mild anti parasitic, anti-biotic, etc.

CELADRIN CREAM A carrier cream available from Longs and Walgreens that is intended to carry essential fatty acids deep for tissue and joint health. Can use on your scalp with other curative topicals as a carrier.

OREGANO OIL I had another healing crisis/fiber purge with topical use of Young Living brand oregano oil application to soles of feet and palms with sesame oil as my carrier, then soaking in the hand and foot bath I described in the first entry. I found this product effective, and this particular brand I think is important, because a friend told me that she had a giant plantar wart that was like seven warts grown together. She tried everything under the sun with no help. Then she used this particular type of oil a couple times a week for a couple of weeks. The thing slowly went away over about 8 weeks. She said she believed it died in the first couple of applications, but then her body had to absorb it. I do believe this company imparts a superior energetic and purity in their products. I will talk about essential oils and flower essences later when I speak of your energetic healing.

So far, the cures effective for warts seem to be effective for Morgellons also (apple cider vinegar and this oregano oil).

BURTS BEES COCONUT FOOT CREAM Seems to suffocate mites and fungus. Perhaps the coconut aspect kills them too. I use this product two times a day with a q-tip up my nostrils, and also on my calves at times. I can get "flickery" type of sensations up my nostrils which this controls.

COLD PRESSED CASTOR OIL Make sure you get from a health food store because regular drug stores sell a synthetic version. This is a carrier. It also suffocates mites and fungus. I had really good results with topical use to my scalp at night when I had writhing sensations in my scalp which I thought to be either bacteria or fungus. Use use nightly for about a week. I used it for too long and started bruising a lot. It can cause "apoptosis" or cell bursting if overused.

TAMANU OIL I get mine from Health Concerns, and it is mixed with mint oil. This product immediately helped a scar from a staph infection go away, which I got in the water in Costa Rica. I think it killed the very low grade staph and coinfection that seemed to me to progress to parasites, based on the fact that my first couple of foot baths had a couple of teeny worms in it, and that I felt insanely intense wriggling in the scar during the bath. Prior to this experience I thought the scar was healed and done.

NEEM OIL This was one of my first discoveries when I thought I was only battling mites plus coinfection. I get an organic kind from the hydroponic store called Einstein Oil Leaf Shine. It made a huge difference and relief.

I regularly rotate these topicals so that the parasites do not accomodate to any one. I have mentioned certain ones work best as described for certain purposes too.

Do not do anything that seems to hurt you. You do not want to weaken your tissues or your immune system when healing.

Here are some thing that I found do not work:

SULFER BATH Can give immediate relief that does not last for more than a few days. You cannot do continued use of this product without causing harm to your pH blood levels and to your skin. Morgellons requires constant onslaught of treatment until it's gone, so this is not one you can use like that.

PERMETHRYN/SCABIES/LICE TREATMENT Does not go deep enough and is too toxic for continued use. These products are for surface parasites, not even deep enough for follicle mites. In my first battle with the resistant follicle mites (that took two years or so), I learned to not use treatments on my self or my environment that are toxic to ME. My goal now is to unite my energy field and my bodily field into the harmony of those things that are good and natural to a human's strong and resistant energy field. I wish to do nothing that weakens me, materially or mentally.

SCALDING HOT WATER BATHS Harmful and do not work.


PEPPERMINT OIL BATHS Do not work and will freeze your ass.

TEA TREE OIL I have reservations. If it seems to work for you, go a head and use it.

Okay, my friends. There will be more to come. Step onto the universally present web of interconnected love and wellness, where knowledge is instantly transmitted, and help is abundant.

Love, Cam


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks so much for this useful information. I am at my witts-end: I have tried crap from so called "Health Companies" and found very little comfort. I can't wait until daybreak, so I can look for some relief.

Stop the crunch!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks so much for this useful information. I am at my witts-end: I have tried crap from so called "Health Companies" and found very little comfort. I can't wait until daybreak, so I can look for some relief.

Stop the crunch!!